This month, the Esther Baxter Shrine at the Eye Candy Network has opted to bring you a behind the scenes photo shoot of the lovely Ms. Baxter's Smooth Magazine spread. Watch and enjoy!

This month, I thought about bringing you Miss Esther Baxter in various different settings. I will leave it up to you, a fellow luster-monger, to decide which is best.

When God (or Whoever) was handing out the beauty, this woman must have double-dipped in the line. Check out these pictures of Esther Baxter.

Spring is here, and so is another installment of "Ode To Esther Baxter!" Here we have a brief montage of Ms. Baxter's SSX Magazine photoshoot. Just look and take it all in.

As you focus on Ms. Baxter in these pictures, take notice of her incredible chest. Now, I'm not one for "doctored" breasts, but if these puppies are real, then there is a happy man SOMEWHERE she is married to.

Sometimes, you have to wonder why we live in a universe where a creator God spends more time on creating perfection in one woman while seemingly forgetting to spend even a normal amount of time on creating another. Take for example Ms. Baxter...

A new day, and a new set of photos of Ms Esther Baxter; this woman's chest is not to be believed). These are a couple of my personal favorites, so enjoy them as much as I have!

These postings needs no crude remarks...enjoy!

Here are a couple more pictures of the insanely curvy Ms Baxter from the same photo shoot. What a way to welcome in the New Year!

Welcome to the New Year of 2010. First, let me apologize for the long time between postings; its been a busy couple of months for me due to a lot of other endeavors on my plate. I will endeavor to post more regularly in the new year. So, without further ado, here is the incredible Ms. Baxter!!